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Our Trees

We grow three types of trees on our farm because we are a small farm. They come in all sizes from small to tall. We have Nobles, Grand Fir and Nordmans. Our trees are carefully hand shaped for a natural look. We have no sheared trees.


You can choose and cut your own special tree we have everything you need to harvest your tree and get it home safely. We provide saws, twine, shaking, and assistance in getting your tree into or on top of your vehicle, in any kind of weather and at no additional charge. There is delivery available and help with cutting your tree is you need it.

Farm Fun

Come visit our farm, we want you to experience the beauty and family fun. You will find a warm cup of hot cider, chocolate and candy canes for all kids large and small.  Friendly people will welcome you to our farm. Bring the kids and the dog (on a leash) and hunt around for your perfect tree.


Our Christmas trees are priced by how long it takes each type of tree to reach harvesting maturity and individual quality Grand Firs take between 5 and 6 years to mature into a Christmas tree, Noble Firs take up to 9 years. Our trees are priced from $20 to $100 this year with only a few over $65, and you pay a flat rate rather than by the foot. This means you never pay extra for a tall tree. Our 2015 early season special is large (10ft and up) Grand Fir for $20-$40. Then there are specials and we have some precuts starting this year. We have trees for everyone.  Please call Bruce for details - 206 390-5292

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