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A & B’s Trees is a small farm on the east Hill of Kent. We opened in 2009, but we began preparing years ago because it takes 7- 9 years to have trees reach the appropriate height for the perfect U-cut tree. We have been thrilled to welcome our customers back for these last seven years.  Thank you to all for recommending our farm to other friends and family.  We have a small store where you are welcome to a complimentary warm cup of hot cider, chocolate and candy canes for all kids large and small.

We are proud of trees which are hand shaped for a natural look. We do not shear our trees. We use no herbicides or pesticides on your tree.  Our U-Cut trees are grown for our customers and release oxygen and clean the air, they are also biodegradable. U-cut is much healthier environmentally than the artificial trees.

We look forward to welcoming back our present customers and meeting new ones. We will help you find that perfect tree in any way we can.

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